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Capitalist Sticker; Coexist, Republican, Conservative - FREE SHIPPING

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The Capitalist Sticker
COEXIST with this!
Tired of those wishy-washy "all religions & ideas are equal" COEXIST stickers you see on hybrids everywhere?
 Finally you can combat our well-intentioned but naive lefty friends with The Capitalist Sticker!
1) Strategically place the Capitalist Sticker on your vehicle
2) When you spot the COEXIST sticker, pass the Democrat and carefully merge in front of them
3) Slow down and check your mirror for the priceless look on their face
4) (OPTIONAL) Hit the gas, leaving them in a beautiful cloud of billowing, black exhaust
 Alternative places to put The Capitalist Sticker
(in case you're concerned some open-minded, tolerant liberal will key your car)
Your laptop: This way, when you're at a coffee shop you can still enjoy the reactions without the fear of your property being vandalized
Your cubicle: Pin it to the wall of your office or cubicle and annoy your granola-eating coworkers
Your gun case: Share a good laugh with your hunting buddies while hanging out smoking cigars

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